Considering Mexico in your global horizons?

Several interesting projects are expected to take place here in the following years. Highway infrastructure to reach the new international airport in Mexico city, railways in yucatan peninsula and the Tehuantepec isthmus, Highways in Hidalgo state. We are eager to take place in them with all our capacity, and since we have been in the market for many years, we expect a great outcome. But this comment is to invite you to contact us if you want to send us your equipment as bare rental or team up in the participation of these projects.

We once attended a Crane and Rigging workshop from the SC&RA, and listened to a conference from Donald Russell of Sheedy Drayage Co. regarding working in other countries. He exposed with much precision the considerations to take care in these undertakings, so why don’t we use them as a checklist and comment about your expectations and ours and put your equipment with our workforce to attend these projects for mutual benefit.